MBBS Doctor or MD Physician Full-time Job

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We have urgent requirement for Hospitals

Profile: Resident Medical Officer

Qualification: MBBS (Only MCI)

Experience: 1-3 years

The following are the duties of RMO doctors in hospitals. RMO otherwise called Resident Medical Officers form the basal layer of the medical team in hospitals next to nurses.

Responsibilities for Doctor

·         Perform routine check ups on patients

·         Keep detailed notes of the patient

·         Perform diagnostic tests to diagnose patients

·         Recommend patients to see a specialist

·         Provide quality healthcare to patients

·         Take part in further education opportunities

·         Treat patients in the office for minor injuries

·         Create a care plan for a patient


1.       They attend all casualty calls. Treat both out-patients and patients coming for admission. They usually treat simple cases by themselves and refer tricky or complicated cases to the same hospital consultant the next day.

2.       They go forward rounds daily. Attend ward patients before the consultant, make note of the necessary changes in symptoms,blood reports and treatment.

3.       They attend all in-patient emergency calls before the consultant arrives.

4.       They sign claim and reimbursement documents.

5.       They certify death and issue certificates.

6.       Interested RMOs attend operation theatre procedures and assist surgeons.

7.       Usually in big hospitals RMOs work in three shifts (8hours duty). In small hospitals they work in two shifts of 12 hours each.

8.       They usually communicate with the consultants and are supposed to spend more time with the patient.

9.       These are the usual duties of RMO in Indian multispecialty hospitals.


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